Final grade projects

The group usually hosts several final year projects in the areas of HPC, Approximate Computing, Large Scale Computing, Bioengineering, and a large variety of topics related to ArTeCS. Interested students are invited to contact artecs@ucm.es about potential projects.

Summer placements

Students interested in pursuing a summer placement within the group are advised to contact artecs@ucm.es early in the academic year so as suitable funding can be arranged.

PhD applicants

Enquiries from prospective PhD students are always welcome. Opportunities for direct entry into the group may be available. Funded positions will be advertised when available.

Postdoctoral applicants

Funded positions will be advertised when available. Applicants who are interested in applying for independent funding should contact artecs@ucm.es well in advance of their anticipated start date and indicate which fellowships they plan to apply for. Outstanding candidates will receive assistance with fellowship applications.

For further details you can contact artecs@ucm.es